Sunday, 13 September 2015

Blogs of Inspiration

As a teacher I teach but I also learn. I am definitely a life long learner.

I read more now, than I ever have before!  There is always something to learn and my oh my - where would I be if I didn't have access to the internet!?????

As a learner and an educator I am always searching for guidance, examples, models, opinions, ideas and knowledge regarding all aspects of my teaching practice.  I am always reflecting on the effectiveness I what I am doing in regards to meeting the learning needs of my tamariki.  Now with 1:1 Chromebooks I know that I can't teach what I don't know so I just better find out what I don't know!  One key resource I have used to do this are teacher blogs.  Firstly from Pt England school and then using NZ Primary Teachers on facebook which has linked my all over the place!

Here is a list of blogs/websites that I have found very helpful in guiding my own learning and e-learning teaching practice: - (the birthplace of my blog)

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